A nationally recognized expert in hip and knee replacement surgery, Dr Greenlaw began private pracice with Wilson Orthopaedic Surgery in the fall of 2003. Dr Greenlaw filled a need for a highly skilled joint replacement surgeon in Eastern North Carolina bringing the latest technologies and cutting edge surgical techniques in hip and knee replacements.

Dr Greenlaw specializes in surgery of the hip and knee. The majority of his practice is spent taking care of arthritis of the hip and knee. Treatments provided by Dr Greenlaw include:

Minimally invasive joint replacement - Dr Greenlaw is one of the early pioneers, locally and nationally in the field of minimally invasive joint replacement, and has performed thousands of minimally invasive total joint replacements with great success and patient satisfaction. He is well known throughout the Carolinas for his techniques including his meticulous plastic surgery closure of the small incisions that do not require staples or sutures through the skin that have to be removed after surgery. Patients travel from all over the Carolinas and Virginia to see Dr Greenlaw for his expertise in joint replacement, and have patients that have come to see him from over 20 different states, including as far away as California.

Total Knee Replacement using the "30 year knee" by Smith and Nephew with the revolutionary verilast and oxinium technology

Custom total knee instrumentation using Visionaire and Signature systems for partial and total knee replacements using pre-op MRI or CT imaging to fit the knee replacement parts as perfectly as possible for each individual patient

Partial Knee Replacement (Unicondylar replacement) utilizing the following systems:

Oxford partial knee replacement system

Journey Uni and Journey Deuce system

Makoplasty robotic partial knee replacements

Revision total knee replacement for failed or worn out parts

Knee arthroscopy for cartilage damage and ligament repair

Knee injections using cortisone and "gel" type viscosupplementation injections including Eufflexxa, Synvisc, Supartz, Orthovisc and others

Total hip replacement utilizing the latest in techniques and implants including:

Minimally invasive direct anterior hip replacement

Minimally invasive posterior hip replacement

Makoplasty robotic total hip replacement

Oxinium, Verilast, E-poly, ceramic, metal, titanium, and active articulation implants all used to custom fit the hip to each patients needs

Birmingham hip resurfacing (BHR) for select patients

Hip arthroscopy for early arthritis, impingement, labral tears, and acetabuloplasty to reshape ball and socket joints to alleviate pain and hopefully slow down arthritis progression