"Having knee replacement was the best decision I have made in my life. I have no pain, can do things I couldn't do before and am amazed at the recovery." - Anita Proctor

"Farming's been my life. But after a lifetime of jumping off and on tractors and walking on uneven ground, I got osteoarthritis. When my doctor told me about MAKOplasty I didn't hesitate." - A.W. Pitts

"When I think of hip or knee surgery for my patients or for myself, I always think of Dr. Greenlaw first!" - Dr. Mark Thurston, D.C.

"When you need a hip or knee replacement, you go to Greenlaw. Period."              Charlie Bedgood 

"Awesome surgeon!!! He replaced both of my Mom's knees at the same time a year ago. She is doing great!"

" He has a god given talent at surgery and spends a great deal of time at surgery.
You will not find a more caring surgeon for knee and hip replacement."

"He did my hip replacement when i was 61...I cut grass 2 weeks later..daughter had video of me doing one and a half off high dive at westridge pool exactly 1 month to the day after surgery...He is the best!!!" - Boyd Shaw

"I have sent so many people to you and believe me, they will all follow wherever you go. And as I said before, I will go to China if you decide to move there. I want the whole world to know how much I love you because you actually saved my life by giving me two new knees and now I wish my hip would hurt so I would have an excuse to go back to see you. Oh well.....wishful thinking. I'll just go see you anyway." - Jean Tatum